"With us, people are responding to a redefinition of business, where the human spirit comes into play."



Anita Roddick

About Us


Today's tax climate is tumultuous, it seems to be changing every day with fast moving tax laws, ever changing tax incentives and disappearing tax benefits.  It's critical to rely on a professional accounting firm that really knows and understands you and your situation.   We want to work with you to find answers to today's tough tax questions. The employees of Weisbrod & Associates, Inc. believe that your success is their success.

Their approach is proactive, they strive to keep abreast of all the new tax law changes and the impact that those changes may have on you. They work closely with you to make the best decisions possible. Their service is personalized; no two clients are the same. They recognize this and respond with innovative planning while maintaining highly ethical standards, keeping your goals in mind. Your success is their success.

Each employee is fully vested in the La Crosse area; they take pride in this community and enjoy partnering with others who call this home. They are privileged to serve each individual, each small business and each other. If Weisbrod & Associates can impact their community in a positive way through their clients, helping their clients toward successful lives and businesses, then that success is their success.


Our focus is your bottom line.


High Quality Service - Our services are delivered with a caring, people-centered approach that embraces value through excellence, efficiency and affordability.

Trustworthy - Our commitment to you is private and confidential delivery of services and products built on the foundation of a strong, trusting relationship.

Teamwork - We strive to partner with all clients through collaboration, respect, and two-way communication.

Commitment - We are committed to excellence, high ethical standards and friendly value-added service.

Family Centered - We believe that a strong commitment to family, ours and yours, impacts the success of our business partners, our community and the quality of our lives.