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Tom Peters


Tax Planning and Preparation

Weisbrod & Associates, Inc. has skilled tax professionals with over 75 years of combined accounting experience. Their accountants devote themselves to staying current with existing and changing tax laws. At Weisbrod & Associates, Inc., their passion is to help their clients minimize the complexities of the tax process, as well as their clients’ current and future tax liabilities, with expertise and thorough research. They work to help clients succeed, beyond a single transaction, by having their tax planning available to all clients throughout the entire year. This is one of many ways they show you their commitment to you in building a long-term relationship. They want to be your source for tax information and expertise. If you have a question, if something changes in your life, just a phone call and they are there to assist. Tax planning and preparation services at Weisbrod & Associates, Inc. include:

  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Preparation for Individuals, Businesses, Trust and Estates, and Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • Help with IRS Issues
  • Other Tax Planning and Reporting Issues and Requirements



Call Weisbrod & Associates, Inc. at (608) 782-7900 to set up an appointment so that they can learn more about your needs and fully explain the expertise they can provide to assist you.